Pool Design FAQs

Q & A on Pool Design

Q – How much does a pool cost?

A – The price of the pool is dictated by the size, type of finish, pool accessories, type of material that the construction will take place in and budget.

Q – How long does it typically take to build a pool?

A – Your typical pool / spa project will take from 45-60 days to build. Weather is a factor as is the scope of the project and unforeseen elements and add-ons. All of these have a direct bearing on the actual construction time frame.

Q – How soon can you start construction on my pool?

A – Typically Tri-County Pools is normally able to start a project within 1-2 weeks of finalizing the design. The time of year & number of current projects under construction factor into this, as well as required approvals from Homeowner’s Associations and the necessary permits from city or county agencies.